NYC Public Schools Moving to Get Rid of School Librarians

A couple of weeks ago, The Huffington Post reported on the New York City Department of Education moving towards trying to cut school librarians out of the district for reasons that mainly stem from budgetary issues (see post here:  This seems to be  a sweeping trend across the board, nationally, in terms of educational systems trying to cut corners to save money in their depleting funds.  What is deemed as an ‘additional service’ is usually the first to go when the DOE starts making cuts.  Unfortunately, one of the first areas to be affected is the school library.

This is exactly what is going on in New York City.  If you’ve been watching television lately, you would have most likely seen the various ads and news reports on the mayoral race in NYC–and a spotlight has been placed on public school funding, or lack thereof.  So with the possibility of a new city leader, NYC public schools may be at risk to lose their libraries and SMLSs.

There have been public demonstrations and petitions circulating in order to fight this possible decision, and the librarians seem to be fighting the good fight.  To support their cause, please sign their position at:  Fight for children’s literacy.  Fight for public education.


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