Setting of Beowulf Found?

Archaeologists in Denmark may have discovered the location off which the famous hall from Beowulf was based.  This, if true, would be an AMAZING discovery because the epic poem itself is from the later half of the first century.  Thus, the hall they excavated would be even older!

Of course, anyone who has read Beowulf is probably wondering how much truth can actually be found within this discovery and consequent claim, because of the mythical monsters throughout the work.  However, the article explains:  “Experts have long speculated that, leaving its monsters aside, the action of that poem had a real-world basis somewhere in Denmark. The recent excavations at Lejre have confirmed that surmise.”  (   So the setting itself could be very real, and these Denmark archaeologists may have hit the literary and historical jackpot!



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September 19, 2013 · 10:03 am

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