Keeping It Real


Did you ever wish book titles were a bit more transparent?  Well, The Huffington Post posted a funny entry a couple of weeks ago, in which they spoofed classics we all know and love.  Everything from The Velveteen Rabbit to the Harry Potter series has been ‘re-titled.’

Although the post is clearly just for fun, I think they bring up an interesting idea of how and why books are titled a certain way.  The public eye can notice that children’s picture books are named in an innocent, light manner, whereas books geared towards the older reader, create an air of mystery and curiosity.

Let’s remember that the world of literature, especially today’s modern-day version, is a business.  Publishing companies are trying to SELL these books for a PROFIT.  And the cover dictates how much they will make.  Every single minuscule detail is planned, made, and remade until all the ‘bigwigs’ are happy.

The title is most definitely a piece of that industry’s puzzle.  It is a way to lure the possible reader into taking a pause, picking up the book, and possibly even buying it.  Now, one must wonder, if titles were a bit more blunt in nature, and simply stated (clearly) what the book is about, would there be more or less readers participating?

Even though the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying is a good sentiment, we must be honest with ourselves–most of us do.


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