Apparently Chicago and Education Don’t Mix

So you may have heard about the horrible things happening in Chicago public schools–hint, hint:  closed down 50 schools recently–but believe it or not, they’re not done yet!

Mayor Rahm has decided to lay off every single school librarian in the district.  And, as if that isn’t bad enough, he did this is in a very sneaky way.  He made an announcement in the library (yes, you heard that correctly–the LIBRARY!) that he would be using $17 million from the district budget to build a new wing in the school to accommodate an extra 400 students.  What he neglected to mention is that he had to fire “nonessential staff” to make this renovation possible.

Now, all the administrators in the various schools have to scramble to figure out who will be ‘manning’ the library to attempt to fill the void that Mayor Rahm has created.  The article mentions that a teacher’s aide is covering the front desk at the library while the actual librarian is now the Spanish teacher.  Does this make any sense to you?  (No, not for me either…).

I am left wondering what exactly is the long term plan here.  If the Mayor continues hemorrhaging money that the city clearly does not have, then what will happen to Chicago Public Schools?  Although I am extremely angered by his complete dismissal of librarians, I know that it probably won’t stop here.

Hopefully, the Chicago voters will think twice for their next mayoral election.


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