Smartphones Enhance Traveling

An app called Stray Boots is now enhancing the city tourist experience. The New York Times recently did a short video piece on the app while ‘test driving’ it. From the likes of it, it seemed like a fun little trivia/scavenger hunt type of activity.
The app asks you questions to test your knowledge base of the city you’re visiting and provides challenges or ‘dares’ to complete. It makes wandering around an area more enjoyable, whether you’re in a group or a solo traveler.
The app has many of the major cities in America, as well as the UK, available from its choices.
It’s definitely something you may want to engage in next time you find yourself in Boston, San Diego, or one of the other places provided. It certainly shows how far technology can go to enhance our lives in almost every way imaginable.


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October 7, 2013 · 9:58 am

One response to “Smartphones Enhance Traveling

  1. Definitely going to try it out!

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