Which book do you loathe?


BookRiot came out with a list of their top 25 most hated books.  When I first scanned the list, I was rather surprised by the titles.  Many of their books were ones I thoroughly enjoyed, and a couple of them are even some of my favorites.  For example, #11 and #12 on their list, Gone Girl and Eat, Pray, Love, were novels I truly loved reading.  Of course, there probably isn’t any one title that will appeal to everyone, but some of their listed books were international bestsellers.  That has to have some weight in an argument against people who loathe these books.  

With that said, I do agree with some of these books in terms of my hate for them.  The Scarlet Letter and The Pearl, two books which I taught to students when I was a high school English teacher, are absolutely horrible.  These titles are know in the literary canon as iconic and classic, but they don’t have that same resonance with their readers as they may have first had with their audience.

BookRiot does mention that some of these books overlapped with other lists of theirs, such as “Riot Readers’ 50 Favorite Novels” and “Books Riot Readers Keep Meaning to Read.”  So which books do you hate?  Did it make it to the list?  Any titles you disagree with?

Reading is truly a subjective experience, and each reader has a unique opinion of every piece of literature they encounter.  What are some reading experiences that really reverberated with you?


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  1. Anna

    “Catcher in the Rye”. To this day I despise this book.

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