Providing Books to the Public–One Way or Another

Philadelphia has been suffering from many library closures, both school and public.  This has obviously thrown off the availability of books and information to children and adults alike.  But the people of Philadelphia did not let this stop them from getting (and giving) what they all needed.  They have been creating Pop-Up Libraries, which are basically stands, of various shapes and sizes, that provide free books to the public.  The books provided through these makeshift libraries are more to give away, rather than to borrow.  However, the people who run the Pop-Up Libraries hope that as people take a book, they’ll donate a book.  

This issue has really become a group effort.  People are standing up and working together to fill in the gaps that the government has created through funding cuts.  It shows how reading and literacy is still a very relevant issue and how much it matters to keep it alive.  I really love seeing things like this because it makes you believe in a greater good and the strength of people.

Have you heard of anything similar to this?  Are your neighborhoods fighting the good fight for literacy in a time when libraries are under attack?


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