A Generous Donor Revives Two School Libraries


Today’s post connects to yesterday’s–involving Philadelphia libraries.  As mentioned in the previous post, because of huge budget cuts, MANY public and school libraries have been shut down entirely.

But, thanks to an anonymous donor, two school libraries are able to reopen.  The donor gave $205,000 to Central High and Masterman, two of the top public schools in the city, in order to support their libraries.

It is a shame to see such a large school district to suffer because of financial issues.  What is happening in Philadelphia is exactly what already occurred in Chicago.  Just looking at the figures alone, shows how great the disregard has become.  According to the article, “As a result of this year’s budget cuts, there were only 15 librarians left in the district. In 2011, the district had 65 librarians. In 1992, it had 176.”  It is pitiful that in just a little more than 20 years, this large district lost 161 librarians.

Is it now up to wealthy individuals to step up and fight for what’s right?  How can entire school districts lean on the shoulders of just a couple people?  The community has to step up and find a way to get the government and board of education to realize what needs to be done–and actually do it!


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