Net Neutrality: A Thing of the Past?

We all enjoy (at least in this nation) freely creating and accessing information on the internet, and many of us may be taking this for granted.  But now, net neutrality is under attack.  Big wigs like Verizon and AT&T are looking into enforcing capitalistic control over the internet.  What this means is that creating online is going to be a chargeable action (money-wise).  

Huge companies like Google already pay fees for obtaining services of these large telecommunication companies, but now it may affect us all.  Keep in mind we already pay to receive internet access in term of technology, but now these telecom corporations may be charging us on various sources we access while under their services. 

Although this is not even an official change in the world of internet–it will be seen in the DC Federal Court (the second strongest court after the Supreme Court)–it does seem like it will happen either now or later.  These telecom companies tried another sneaky tactic back in 2006 when they tried passing legislation that would protect net neutrality BUT with a loophole that stated that these telecom companies can control the level of services provided.  That meant that the telecom corporations chose which companies had faster internet service.  We all know how finicky we are about the speed of a website, so the fact that they could control this basically meant they chose which websites succeeded and which ones didn’t.  Thankfully both the government and public saw right through this tricky loophole and voted it down.

But, now in 2013, we’re at these front lines once again.  What will happen to net neutrality?  Will the last free technological frontier turn into a capitalistic, controlled system?  

It seems that only time will tell.


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