LA Times Reports Spanish-Language eBooks are on the Rise

Quite a few years ago, finding a book in another language besides English in this country would have been very challenging and pricey!  But now, since technology has taken a step into the world of literature, finding books in other tongues is rather easy.  Spanish is the leader in all of this–with more than 38 million speakers in America.  Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook, have made accessing Spanish literature so much more streamlined.

The rapidly growing market has opened up entirely new divisions for book readers and publishers alike.  Allowing for the free flow between English and Spanish has given bilingual readers freedom to choose what they’d like to read in double the field.  It will be interesting to see what this will mean in the future in terms of mass productions of multilingual versions of eBooks.

I know many other communities in the nation would love to have this option.  For example, my family speaks Turkish and I go to the local library and pick up Turkish books every now and then for my parents and myself, but this certainly has its limits.  I am lucky enough to have any options (since there is a rather large Turkish community in the city), but there are only so many books that we haven’t read already.  Having an option for eBooks would be wonderful because it would open up so many choices for us.  I suppose only time will tell if this trend will seep into other languages as well…


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