Changes to Standardized Testing

Working in a school in New Jersey this year has been quite stressful in terms of overcoming many changes and shifts in everything education-related.  There is an entirely new observation system, SGO requirements, and the biggest challenge of all:  new standardized testing.  PARCC is being introduced to our schools next year and it has many students and staff worried.  And, as if this isn’t enough to worry about, a new SAT format was announced yesterday.  

There is a complete overhaul in its format–everything from its scoring to its writing section is going to be vastly different come Spring of 2016.  However, to make all of these transitions a bit easier is the fact that the upcoming PARCC exam and the new SAT have many similarities in nature.  They are both going to have a bigger focus on nonfiction text and asking students to choose excerpts from the text to support their answers.  These expectations make literacy an even bigger hot button now.

Our students have to be ready in every way to tackle all of these changes–and it is up to educators to prepare them. 


The New York Times has a wonderful article explaining the new SAT:


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