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The Man Behind TFIOS

The much anticipated The Fault in Our Stars (film adaptation of the young adult novel of the same title) will be coming out this Friday.  John Green is the man behind this HUGELY popular novel, and The New Yorker did a recent article on him that is a wonderful read.  It reviews the basics of his background–not being a great student–and finding his voice–starting off with boy protagonists–and capping off with his biggest hit to date–TFIOS.  

The article did a phenomenal job at digging beneath all the information we already know of Green and his work.  It shows the human connection and devotion that Green has with his readers, and it seems to take a lot out of him, which he’s willing to give over and over again.  Green seems to exist to solely please his readers and fellow “nerdfighters” (his loving name for his fans).  And the fact that his most popular piece is a love story about teenagers with cancer is certainly emotionally draining.  Green is at the forefront and the face for teens battling cancer, and he is doing an impeccable job at accepting the weight of this title.  TFIOS is sure to be a theatrical hit as well, and John Green is certainly here to stay.

As a fan myself, my greatest question of all is, when will he coming out with his next novel?  He is busy with his YouTube channels–VlogBrothers and CrashCourse–and of course dealing with the fandom of his other successful books.  But, I am aching for a new story from the gifted John Green.

Hopefully, that day will come soon…


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June 5, 2014 · 12:11 pm