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YAL to Movies: The Maze Runner

It seems that every hit young adult novel is being adapted for the silver screen these days. The Maze Runner is the latest to join this widespread trend. However, even though these books and films prove to be quite popular on both fronts, the literature does not always translate very well in the eyes of the reader. The go to complaint of “the book was so much better” tends to ring out again and again after watching the film version of a beloved novel. Many times, the issue seems to be the screenplay and editing of the movie itself. It is nearly impossible to fit every detail into a two-hour time slot, but this is still a tough pill to swallow for many readers.  They find that so much of the essence of the book they adore has been completely ignored when transitioned onto the big screen.  This can leave a feeling of disappointment.

Yet, readers go again and again to watch the movie versions of their favorite books.  Personally, I like to see if what I imagined while reading alone will be a shared image when sitting in a crowded theatre.  In recent times it seems like every other movie that is being released has been adapted from a young adult novel:  The Giver, If I Stay, Mockingjay and the list goes on and on…

So tell me…are you a supporter of these films or not?  What makes you want to see them or avoid them at all costs?


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