My school is welcoming MinecraftEDU to its library media center curriculum.  After getting all the details and kinks ironed out, we were able to introduce it to the six graders.  Suffice it to say, when they walked into the LMC and saw Minecraft on the desktops, they were literally jumping from joy.

I will admit, I have very little knowledge about the Minecraft world and all the fine points in mastering the creation and survival modes.  However, this was not the least bit of a concern with these groups of kids!  It was spectacular to see them working together as a group–creating worlds, building and gathering, cooperating and communicating.  All the student-driven skills that educators strive to see and ‘make happen’ in their classrooms was organically occurring.  And it was all thanks to Minecraft!

Because we rolled it out just a couple weeks before the end of the school year, I was unable to see its full potential.  But, I am already gathering and preparing lessons that can incorporate Minecraft into my curriculum, and with my students, I hope we can create worlds that mirror famous scenes from books.  We can bridge that connection between the gamer world and the literary world.  And with time, I hope we can expand this technology to the other grade levels as well.  Let’s spread the joy!


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