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You’ll never hear nursery rhymes the same way again…

This video created by Buzzfeed has officially ruined the calming, soft nature of nursery rhymes. It breaks down the historical references in multiple popular nursery rhymes that we all know and love. Within seconds, the viewer realizes that these fun, little songs we sing to children are actually about horrible situations like execution, plague, war, religious persecution, and murder.
It definitely makes you think twice before singing these again.
However, with the creepy factor set aside, it is truly intriguing to see how these songs came about. It is interesting how people of the past have taken such horrible events and turned them into sweet melodies. Language is a very fluid tool–especially when put to music.


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September 17, 2013 · 2:44 pm

Book Lovers’ Tour of Big Apple


So many of us, especially in the tri-state area, have visited New York City.  For tourists and book lovers alike, the New York Public Library is certainly a destination to not miss.  If anything, people love taking pictures with the HUGE lion statues in front of it!

If literary hotspots are your thing during your wanderings of the city or if you just love visiting places of written history, then BuzzFeed’s latest article is perfect for you.  It lists many, many locations that are significant in literature in a number of ways.  Some are simply ‘warehouse-sized’ buildings dedicated to the written word, and others are monuments to famous writers.  No matter what type of place you’re looking for, this long list will certainly suit each spot on the spectrum.

The few I’ve experienced firsthand were absolutely lovely, such as:  the NYPL, The Strand (both store and stands), the Flatiron Building, Central Park Carousel, and Columbia University.  They were all very different from one another, but all had their own unique, interesting value.  I would definitely recommend a visit to each.

As for the other destinations on BuzzFeed’s list, I want to see and experience them all!  And, I invite all of you to do so as well!  Happy travels…

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