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The Girl on the Train

9780735212169_GirlontheTrain_MTI_MM.inddThis past weekend I went to go see The Girl on the Train.  I was particularly excited because I ran a book club at my previous position and we had read this novel for one of our meetings.  As most readers know, it is exciting to see the story you played in your mind come to life on the big screen.

And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by what a great job they did at adapting the complex plot and characters for
a film format.  They had to take chunks out of the novel’s story line, but the film did not feel lacking.  As most of you might assume, this tends to be the biggest complaint for page-to-screen movies, but in my opinion, it did not apply here.  I went to the movie theater with a friend who had also read the Paula Hawkins piece and she agreed with me; the movie makers did a fine job at creating this film.

What are some film adaptions of books that you’ve watched?  What were your opinions?  I’d love to see them in the comments below!



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All Abuzz for Divergent

In the student book club I run at my job, the students requested that we read Divergent, by Veronica Roth, this month, in time for the movie’s release on the 21st. Even though I obliged, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive at starting yet ANOTHER dystopian series. Don’t get me wrong–I ADORE young adult literature, but it just seems to become rather redundant with certain themes. But, as I started reading Divergent, I promised to keep an open mind–and I was soon sucked into Roth’s world.
Once again, there is a strong female protagonist who has to find her way in a challenging, futuristic world. It is rather fast-paced (it only took me two days to finish the book entirely) and it envelopes the reader immediately.
I think the major themes are what speak to its millions of readers! The idea of finding oneself, branching away from the ideals of your family, gaining confidence, being an outsider, defending your beliefs, and of course, falling in love, are all things that speak to the adolescent reader (and older readers as well)!
I already started continuing the trilogy, and began reading Insurgent. The second book picks up at the same exact point where Divergent left off, so it is a smooth transition for readers. I am looking forward to seeing how Tris’ story will end. With other similar trilogies/series, I wasn’t always content with the conclusion, so only time will tell how Divergent ends for me.
And, in a couple weeks, I will be able to discuss the movie and book with my students. This is the first time we are going to have a ‘comparison discussion,’ so it will be fun to hear everyone’s opinions. Passionate readers tend to get very defensive about movie versions of books they adore (myself included), so I expect a heated debate in the near future.
What do you think of the series? (No spoilers please!) Are you a fan…?

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March 13, 2014 · 11:23 am